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(Encash your leads true potential)

NJM LMS Pro 2.0 is one of the best lead management systems available in India offering all required and advanced features needed for effective lead management and conversion. No matter which industry you are and no matter the size of your business organization.

NJM LMS Pro 2.0 is capable of handling all your lead related worries and make the whole lead management process Hassle free. Its easy integration with all kind of lead platforms make it a must have software for every organization, looking for the best solution for Lead management.

In India most of the businesses and new ventures failed every year due to mismanagement of leads and loose there most valuable prospective customers as they are not able to track the status of the new leads comes into business, which is actually the most crucial part of business to make it sustainable and profitable. This lead management software is fully customized and equipped with all the functions your business needs and integrate with any of your marketing advertising & sales platform. So if you are looking for the best lead management system in India you just give us a try by choosing NJM LMS Pro “India’s best Lead management software”. Some basic features & functions are:

  • The administrator will be able to create multiple roles and can assign multiple users for the respective roles
  • Admin can assign different set of permissions to each user.
  • Admin can also create a team having one manager along with multiple executives under one team.
  • All the queries received through the landing page will be automatically synced in the LMS.
  • A special provision of adding leads to CRM for Facebook and other platforms will be given.
  • Admin can assign the lead to manager where the manager can further assign it to his team members.
  • The observer can also be added who will be responsible in case the main assigned person is not present.
  • Easy Skype & WhatsApp integration i.e. admin/staff member click of client Skype ID or Phone number the applications will be invoked depending on if the user is registered on WhatsApp with the same number.
  • All the communications action taken over the lead will be captured from each executive has to feed in what communication held between him/her and the client.
  • Executive can also schedule the follow-up for the upcoming dates.
  • A custom reminder can also be fixed based on the task which would go to user’s Email, Dashboard or SMS (if you have SMS gateway service enabled).
  • Uploading the audio of a call and playing it on the CRM itself. Audio will have to be downloaded and uploaded in the CRM.
  • Lead Report can be segregated on the bases of different status like HOT, MILD, COLD, CONVERTED and CLOSED.

Lead Reporting & Management

The Reporting tool covers all your leads and actions/communication performed versus them. Even user can generate multiple types of reports based on the requirements based on below criteria.

  • Total Leads report
  • Month wise reporting for leads
  • Individual Employee report.
  • Combined Team Report
  • Report based on Date Range Selection.
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Some Advanced Features

  • Target Based Reporting- Admin can set the target based on closures for individual employees.
  • Performance Based reporting Success and failure percentage can be calculated which will act as a metrics for the company to evaluate the employee performance.
  • Reward Management- Rewards & Incentive plan can be created which will be applicable post achieving the targets assigned to the employee.
  • Location Tracking Executives can be tracked by the web browsers navigation process and their approximate location can be tracked.
  • On-site & Off-site Support We offer best services to our clients and provide all kind of support needed to make your service experience better all the time because you are valuable to us.

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