Don't worry! We are here to help you. A website can help you reach billions and millions of people in the global market. Secondly, your prospective consumers can learn about your products or services from the comfort of their home.

The fact is, a website is one of the cheapest ways to promote your brand. More than 76% of Americans have internet access, and so spreading a message won't be a big deal if you do it in the right way.

There are so many reasons. Have a look at the top 7 reasons:-
We build amazing websites.
We focus on "simplicity".
We're affordable.
We are helpful and friendly.
We won't charge you a single penny unnecessarily. We will only charge if we do work for you.
We still believe "Honesty is the best policy".
You're the boss. And, they say, "The boss is always right".

A Very Short Answer: Well, it depends on many factors. It is absolutely impossible to answer this question in one sentence. Avoid hiring a web developer who answers the question without a long discussion.

A Long Detailed Answer: To know about the cost of websites, we will request you to give a call. Our experts will ask questions about your requirements, the kind of interactivity you want in the website, your graphic design needs etc. Once we understand all your requirements, we will quickly give you a ballpark figure. If it sounds fine, we will provide a detailed quote.

Ummm!! That's right. We've seen so many banners/pamphlets on the streets. Be a little careful when someone says that they can build a website for $500-$600. Chances are that they will cheat you and build a site with a dull template. There are some great templates, but you are not paying for templates. Right? Neither they are offering customized graphic design nor will it be optimized for search engines. Does that make sense?
Remember, we can offer a free consultation and prevent you from wasting your hard-earned money.

More than 100%!! Our goal is to make you happy. We cannot simply accomplish the goals without your input. If there is some other site with great design styles, feel free to share your valuable opinion. If you want to change your existing logo or want to give a makeover to your brand image, there is absolutely no problem. We can assure that your new site is going to be consistent and essential part of your overall branding.

At NetJungle Media, we have taken a very logical and detailed approach to complete the web design process. Being india's No.1 digital marketing & website designing company our experts work with you at each and every step, explaining the web designing techniques to help you understand the process in a better way. Have a look at the different phases involved in building the website of your company:-

A free consultation.
Develop a required document.
Establish your project plan.
Build mock-ups for your website.
Create site architecture & database.
Final website build-out.
Website testing

Of course, we do. If your project calls for search engine optimization, digital marketing, content writing services or any other creative services, please let us know. We have an excellent network of creative people that we have hired. We are very happy to make a recommendation.

At NetJungle Media, we take time to listen to your needs and understand your requirements to suggest the best web hosting option that meets the technical specifications of the site.

For smaller projects, you have to pay 50% of the estimated fee, and the remaining amount should be given upon completion of the project. For bigger projects, one-third of the total amount is required.


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