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How Does It Work?

  • When you have chosen our Private NetJungle Media SEO Program, you get to choose from different SEO plans and strategies to show to your clients.
  • We provide an initial SEO survey form which you have to fill with all the required details. Next, you have to send the project details.
  • To proceed with the project, you have to make the initial payment according to the selected plan.
  • We start working on your web design/development/online marketing project as per the selected plan.
  • We can also send private label reports which you can show to your clients.

Benefits Of Private Label SEO Program Offered By NetJungle Media:-

  • As one of the reputed and established SEO firms in India, you can concentrate on marketing and sales strategies to boost your business. Our expert team will take care of the rest.
  • This customized program helps established SEO firms to grow persistently without getting afraid of scalability.
  • Choosing outsourcing SEO services has excellent benefits if compared with the in-house SEO team. It not only saves your money but your valuable time and effort.
  • When you sign up with our program, you won’t have to make any deposits. You have to pay on per project basis
  • Our team won't interfere in whatever you charge to your clients. We give you the freedom to change your own margins and earn the maximum profits.
  • We give 100% confidentiality to all our partners and if required our team can also sign an NDA with you.
  • We offer the best assistance.

How To Know If It Is Right For You?

Have a look at the points which will help you know if the private label SEO program by NetJungle Media is right for your business:

  • A dedicated Web Designer or Developer for your project.
  • Any of the web design and web development agency, firm or company.
  • A reputed or well-established SEO firm, organization or company
  • An advertising or marketing agency, firm or business.
  • A software development organization, firm or company looking for different ways to expand your offerings.

Top Class Reporting Structure

At NetJungle Media, we have an excellent easy to understand global reporting structure for different industries. We make sure that all the reports are detailed and comprehensive with each and every detail of the specific tasks performed. We always ensure that your clients are updated about the latest trends of the SEO industry. We keep you aware of the changes in our SEO campaign.


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